Monday, October 22, 2012

Back to Penang - Mid July 2012

by Ida Khoo @ Jwo Yi’s mummy
We came back to Penang in mid of July 2012. And I register you to Phor Tay kindergarten and you said you want to start straight away. I'm happy that you are excited to start your lesson here. It's so much different from the lesson in Shanghai. They write a lot and over here you need to do spelling in English, Malay and Chinese. I'm afraid that you can't catch up so I get a tutor for you.

The tutor teach you only two things. One is Chinese and another one is Malay. I told your tutor that you never write or learn in Malay before but for Chinese you might recognize some character but you never learn to write before. So she load you with lots of writing and that you are writing almost for one hour to two hours to finish your homework.

Around last week of September your school teacher told me that the one whole week you need to go to school and don't miss school. You came back on Monday and told me you are having exam at school. And form what I understand from your amah that the school will notice parents if there is exam, but I did not receive any notice at all. So I was thinking to myself that this time you will sure flunk from that exam.

Then early October you were preparing for your graduation. Last week when I pick you up your teacher told me that you got a trophy for 4th place and I was like huh????? Than your teacher said "Oh she got 4th place in her exam". I was like ah?????

And on the way I drive you back I was beaming with pride and I'm so happy because you just start kindy here for 2 months and you don't even know Malay and writing in Chinese and Malay.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Greeting your friends

by Ida Khoo @ Jwo Yi’s mummy
This happen few months ago. One day you came home and tell me that one of your friend kick you at school. Then I said maybe she do it accidentally and not on purpose. Then you insist that she do it on purpose and not accidentally. Then I said did you tell your teacher and you said no. So I tell you that next time if she kick you again then tell you teacher.

The next day I ask you did that girl kick you again and you said no. Then after a few days when I pick you up from school and we saw her and her mum. I said say goodbye to your friend and you tell me that you don't want as she don't like you and kick you. I did not force you so while on the way back I told you that even she don't like you , you also don't have to act that way. If you are nice to people and naturally people will be nice to you too. You have one more good friend is better than you have one more enemy.

So the next day when I pick you up from school and we saw her again and I ask you to say goodbye to her and you did. I'm so happy that you understand what I tell you.

RESULT: She is now one of your friend and she no longer kick you.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Upade on your swimming lesson

by Ida Khoo @ Jwo Yi’s mummy
We went there and paid for it. You were so excited to start your lesson and then they tell us your timing is so out. Some lesson in the evening and some lesson you want it in the morning. They said people will usually pick the same timing for the lesson. If they pick morning then all their lesson will be in the morning if they pick evening time then all their lesson time will be in the evening. Then I told them you need to go to school during weekdays and only weekend can do it in the morning.

So end up we will have 2 lesson per week instead of 4 lesson per week. So now your lesson is on Saturday and Sunday from 8.30 to 10.00am.

When I tell you that today you won't start your lesson you were so dissapointed and nearly cry.
Then I tell you we'll go get ice-cream and you cheer up again. Hahahaha....

Will update again this weekend.

Jwoyi's first day taking swimming lesson

by Ida Khoo @ Jwo Yi’s mummy
I found out from Aunty Agnes that there is a clubhouse at our housing area. And there is a swimming that is only open during summer. So daddy check it out and it will be taught by the life guard and for 10 lessons is RMB1000.

So today is your first day and hope that you will enjoy.
Will update more later.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Falling ff the bed!

by Ida Khoo @ Jwo Yi’s mummy
Last night sleep half way thru the night suddenly I hear a loud thud and suddenly you cried mummy help. I woke up but still not fully awake and rush to your bed and you were not on your bed. You are gone!!!!

Then I heard you calling mummy and I look beside your bed and saw you fall beside your bed, and got squash between your bed and the wardrobe. I pull you up and you went straight back to sleep. How funny. And this morning I ask you do you know what happen last night you said yes and I ask you how did you fall and you said you don't know.