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By Jwo Yi@ 11

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My Secret Sister by Helen Edwards and Jenny Lee Smith

By Jwoyi @ 11 :-|)

This book is the true story of Helen and her twin sister , Jenny . They were separeted six weeks after birth , Helen remained with her parents while her sister is adopted . Both of them always felt that something was missing and longed for a brother or sister. Although they don't know the existence of each other, they still will kind of feel it. I think no matter what or how a pair of twins will still kind of feel or know that each other existed. Helen's father abused her. From here I know that even your own parents can abuse you. And from reading this book I realised that how evil a person can be and how a parent can abuse his/her own child without even regretting or simpath ise or even care about him/her . I've also wondered how can Helen tolerate all of this??? On the other hand, Jenny is treated very well and very much loved by the parents whom adopted her. In the end, they still managea to reunion. They sure are very happy.

The Hungry Monster by Michelle Wong

By Jwoyi @ 11

This book is about a naughty boy and how end up he turned obedient . From this book I learnt that we  need to be good and never bully the others or get into fights . Or just doing anything wrong and refuse to change because the carma will always come back to you . And by the time we were punished and wanted to change , it was always too late .

I like this book very much.

Anne of the Island by L.M.Montgomery

By Jwoyi@ 11

This book is about Anne studying in college . Over there she met a Friend from the place she is born at. She then followed her Friend there and found her own house . She was very happy . It had been so Long but end up she still found her house . I think no matter what we will still always find our family ,embers or where they had once lived or their grave .

I find this book a little boring .

Anne of Avonlea by L.M.Montgomery

By Jwoyi @ 11

  This book is a the second book on Anne . In this book Marilla adopted a pair of twins . The boy - Davy is an interesting, cheeky and curious boy . I like Davy because sometimes he does some very cheeky things . The girl - Dora is obedient, but I don’t like her because somehow I think that she is way toooooooooo obedient . I’d prefer it if only she is not so obedient and at least be a little cheerful and fun sometimes . She doesn’t even laugh . In this book Anne works as a teacher in her old school. I like Anne as she is just almost as cheerful and adventurous as when she is little . I think I like her that way . I would have hate it if she turned Super serious . I think sometimes we must still be playful even if we are grown up if not the world would be Super duper boring .

I will update next week on the book Anne of the Island.

2017 Mid-Autumn Festival

By Idakhoo@Jwoyi's mummy

This year 2017 the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 4th of October an you are having your exam this whole week. Therefore we did not play with the lantern at all. 
This year I bought moon cake for Ahmah too. So later we can enjoy it with Kong Kong and Ahmah.

I bought 6 moon cakes and a packet of "ang kong ga pia" total is RM131.10.

Jwoyi craving for donut

By Idakhoo@Jwoyi's mummy

A few days ago while playing with ipad game Homescapes you told me that looking at the donut makes you want to eat donut.

So I said that I will go buy you the donut the next day and I bought baby donuts for you.

I am going to blog this with the receipt so that in 10 or 20 years time you can compare the cost of living in Malaysia and see what is the difference.
So for 1box of donut in year 2017 cost you RM 20.90 and I bought this at Gurney Plaza.